Until science comes up with something really clever to help climate change, the best thing we can do is plant trees.

Mark Hogg, CEO Mere Plantations

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For the environment, trees, and profit

About Forest Fund

There is no pathway to Net Zero that does not involve planting trees."

RH Lord Zac Goldsmith

House of Lords

Forest Fund has one objective:
To end the destruction of the world’s natural forests. We do this by helping businesses grow trees, thus eliminating the pressure on an already overstretched resource.

We help restore the lost balance between people, planet, and profit by putting nature back at the centre of our economy and encouraging the transition to 100% sustainable, net carbon-negative building materials.

Trees are a wonderful resource that, if grown correctly, can meet the world’s fast-growing demand for timber while reducing atmospheric carbon and improving biodiversity, all while generating economic returns. Win-win-win!


Glossary of Forestry Terms

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The Forestry Investment Glossary is a resource of terms relating to the business of growing timber, trees, and forests in general. 

The content has been kindly provided by a number of authoritative sources, including the WWF, the UN PRI (a division of the United Nations) and the British governmental body Forest Research.

New technologies emerge and definitions change over time. We therefore encourage readers to submit their own terms and semiotic understanding in order to maintain a contemporary and meaningful database.


Forestry News

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